API Dev Request

This is a high-level overview of the current external integration capabilities of the RapidFunnel API.


  • Create new contact and assign to User (using UserID) (will return ContactID)
    • Can assign label during the creation
    • Can assign campaign during creation, but this is discouraged for opt-in reasons
  • Delete contact (using ContactID)
  • Mark contact as converted (either as Customer or Distributor)

RapidFunnel API End Points – Contacts/Leads


  • Lookup RapidFunnel UserID (using email, rep-id or rep-id2)
  • Create User (will return UserID)
  • Delete User (using UserID)
  • Change User Status (using UserID) (active/inactive)
  • Update User (using UserID)

RapidFunnel API End Points – User Accounts


  • Create Events (will return EventID)
  • Modify Events (using EventID)
  • Delete Events (using EventID)

Generate JWT Token And Use In The Authorisation Headers

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