Account Roles For Back Office


ACCOUNT ADMIN – Can do and see everything for all groups (regardless of what groups they are assigned to) and have admin capabilities under “Account Settings”

ACCOUNT MANAGER – Account Manager is basically the same as an account Admin, but cannot see other people’s contacts.  They also cannot edit some account level settings, like branding, but can view them.

ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR – Account Supervisor is similar to an Account Manager or Admin, but is more limited in that they cannot see any account level settings/data except statistics.

GROUP ADMIN/MANAGER – See’s all stats for users in their group manager group(s) on web dash, but only sees their own contacts in Contacts table, They can only edit/delete resources, campaigns, events, etc. that are ONLY assigned to groups they can manage.  Meaning, for instance, if a resource is assigned to Group A and B (or All Groups) and I’m only a Group Manager of Group A, I cannot edit/delete that resource. (For now, Group Manager don’t have the option to add Webinars in the Global Events).

LIMITED GROUP MANAGER –The same as Group Manager but cannot create or edit any resources or campaigns.

USER – The basic access to all regular members of an account.


DASHBOARD – Shows a statistical report of your account.

CONTACTS – Shows number of contacts saved in your account.

CONTEST AND PROMOS – A feature where you can create an event for users to compete for a reward.

CAMPAIGNS – A coordinated set of individual email messages that are deployed across a specific period with the purpose of following up with the prospect.

RESOURCES – Tools used to send out to a prospect to introduce a product or a service. This can be in the form of a custom page, video, audio, link, pdf, Powerpoint, Word Document, Excel document, Image or a simple text.

MARKETPLACE – It is a new location for User FB and Google tracking, as well as Zoom integration.  These are not new features. they have just been moved to the Marketplace page. Previously, tracking fields were under “Settings” “Marketplace” link should only show when features are enabled for that account

TEAMMATES – This is a “buddy system” where you can search for other users in the company, and request to add them as a teammate for quicker future communications together.

EVENTS – A calendar where you can add an event such as Webinars, Convention or Zoom meetings.

COACHING – A set of videos created to train a user on how to use the App effectively.

LABELS – A tag you can create to classify your contacts.

SETTINGS – An option where you can update your profile info, password, Group Codes and Notification settings.

BROADCAST – An option where you can send an email to all or selected users of your account.

ACCOUNT SETTINGS – Available only for ADMIN role, Option where you can view and edit User, Group codes, Account statistics, Guestbook, Branding, System emails and ADMIN Labels.

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