Introduction To Grow Team

The Grow Team exists to Support RapidFunnel Accounts To Achieve Their Full Potential Through Education, Training, & Best Practices. Our Proven Drivers of Success: What to Expect In Your First 90-Days

Account Roles For Back Office

ROLES DEFINITIONS  ACCOUNT ADMIN – Can do and see everything for all groups (regardless of what groups they are assigned to) and have admin capabilities under “Account Settings” ACCOUNT MANAGER – Account Manager is basically the same as an account Admin, but cannot see other people’s contacts.  They also cannot edit some account level settings, like branding, […]

Group Code Pricing

What is a Group Code: The Code controls the content available to a particular group or company. Each company and group has a unique code. A User will need to enter a group code upon signing up for the App. The User can then add more Group Codes once logged in on the App. Types […]


HOW TO LOG IN TO YOUR BACK OFFICE 1) Go to 2) Select ‘Log In’ 3) Type your RapidFunnel email and password 4) Click the ‘Remember Me’ box and the next time you log in, your information will be filled in automatically. 5) Click ‘Log In’ HOW DO I VIEW MY TOTAL CONTACTS, EXPOSURES AND USERS STATISTICS? Total Contacts – this is the total […]


Contacts Overview How to Add Contacts How to Import Contacts To Web APP via CSV Adding your contacts to the App is one of the first steps you have to do in order to start your journey. As a leader in your organization, here are the effective things you and your team can do to […]


Contest Set-Up Contest Strategy Verify Points A. WHERE CAN I SEE MY CURRENT AND PAST CONTESTS? 1) Click ‘CONTEST & PROMOS’ on the left navigation panel● Current Contests – shows ongoing program● Past Contests – shows previous rewards2) Click ‘REFRESH LEADS GENERATED’ at the top right to get an updated report3) Select from the list of rewards and click the eyeball (‘view […]

Back Office Training – Campaigns

Campaigns Overview Campaigns Set-Up A. HOW DO I VIEW MY CAMPAIGNS?NOTE: Make sure to click the ‘Refresh Stats’ button to get the latest results 1) Click ‘CAMPAIGNS’ on the left navigation panel 2) The Campaign dashboard displays the following: B. HOW DO I VIEW CAMPAIGN CONTENT?1) Click ‘CAMPAIGNS’ on the left navigation panel2) Check the list for the campaign you’d […]

Back Office Trainings – Marketplace

How to Install Facebook Chat: Facebook chat integration will only work with a Facebook Page. If you do not have a Facebook Page (not just a regular account), please see this article:Setting Up A Facebook Page Once you have a page set up, you will need to enter the Facebook Page ID above. Here is […]


Coaching Overview Set-Up a Course The coaching section is divided into courses and the courses contain different modules. How to create a course and understanding modules are two important things you’ll need to know, in order to manage the coaching section of your App. How to Create a New Course Uploading Video Modules Additional Note: […]

Rapid Funnel Resources

Resource Overview Power of Surveys Structuring Resources 1) Click ‘RESOURCES’ on the left navigation panel 2) Select the ‘Add Resource‘ button 3) Fill out all the information needed on the ‘Add Resource’ window (see screenshots for more details): WINDOW 1: WINDOW 2: WINDOW 3:● Groups – select which group code the resource should be added under● Default Status in App – choose […]