Once upon a time…

Our CEO, Patrick Shaw, had an idea for an app that would help his own salesforce be more successful. It was so amazingly effective, that the idea for RapidFunnel was born.

RapidFunnel Inc. has grown quickly from a self-funded SaaS startup with a handful of entrepreneurial “can-do” team members, to a company currently helping tens of thousands of clients build their business better, through the power of our Authentic Sharing Technology products.

We’re based in Denver, Colorado, USA and have established a talented international team of dedicated minds, who work remotely and seamlessly together through a unique balance of freedom and responsibility.

We’re a focused group who share a real desire to help improve the lives of others through the work we do and we support each other on our own individual growth journeys. That’s not just pretty marketing speak, it’s one of the core values we established together at RapidFunnel.

Inspiration, innovation and integrity are equally important to us; and we lead with an attitude of service, transparency and kindness, making RapidFunnel a wonderful place to work.

We want every person we work with to be able to connect easier and grow their business more successfully, through the power of the RapidFunnel App and our other Authentic Sharing Technology products.

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