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We distill your own expertise right into the App, creating a powerfully personalized

prospecting, communication and training system

that guides your team to real, lasting success. Knowing exactly what to say and send overcomes fear and procrastination.

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Put that first check in every new recruit’s pocket faster! One free download gives your team everything they need to start prospecting effectively immediately, compliantly, and professionally from anywhere their mobile goes. Cuts the time it takes to properly sponsor new recruits in half.

No One Left Behind

All boats rise in the tide. This is how you minimize churn and create a culture so strong, your team will follow you anywhere. An instantly duplicatable single

solution built for MLM

, that will teach your whole organization how to generate higher quality leads than they ever thought possible.

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Revolutionize how your whole team thinks and help them embrace the activities that build success. What to say and send is laid out for them and the App lists their hottest prospects for follow up. When the company’s story is told better and more often, the magic follows…

Inspire Desire

People run faster with someone in the lane beside them. Use the built-in

gamification features

to generate excitement, confidence and friendly competition. Double the amount of new conversations your team starts, daily.

Roam If You Want To

In multiple countries? Find out how the click of a button can operate your App in the languages your global team needs. Anyone can do business instantly and professionally, from anywhere their mobile goes.

Go Deep

The back office delivers

data and metrics for network marketing

that have never been available in the network marketing industry before. See the activity level of anyone in your organization, in real time. View which content performs best and adjust on the fly. Spend your time and energy where it matters most!

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The Story Behind the Technology

Once upon a time… our CEO, Patrick Shaw, had an idea for an app that would help his own network marketing team be more successful. It was so amazingly effective that the idea for RapidFunnel was born…