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Seasoned Professionals Call the RapidFunnel App a "game changer". Here’s why...

Relationship marketing offers the highest quality leads you can get, period.

We’ve reinvented permission-based, relationship marketing with the RapidFunnel mobile App. It gives your business a simple, effective way to engage all employees and associates in the process of finding your best customers.

Every time one of your people adds someone to their RapidFunnel App, you’ve opened the door to the type of business relationship that can only be achieved by person-to-person contact.

We all know that attracting the consumer's interest is more difficult than ever before. Shorter attention spans mixed with a bombardment of advertising across all media channels means that companies have to find new ways to connect authentically with their audience.

You can invest in new tools for your sales team and expand your marketing/advertising budget to try new things, but that still leaves you fighting for your ROI alongside everyone else. Here’s the thing... you already have an amazing resource that’s not being utilized to full potential… your people! It’s a simple equation, people listen to people they respect. Creating powerful brand advocates and influencers within your workforce will help generate more customers while improving morale, company wide.

We understand human behavior. The RapidFunnel App simplifies technology and leverages existing human habits in new ways, to fire up and engage your team like never before. Give your people the tools they need to feel comfortable sharing your company story - all rolled into their smartphone!

RapidFunnel changes people’s results.

Your team doesn’t need a sales pitch, just a person who’s interested in more information. They enter the person’s information directly into the App, choose their area of interest in your company and add any notes. RapidFunnel does the rest… and it does a lot.

You can load all your company approved digital resources right into the App (company videos, pdfs, audio files, coupons, etc.). Whatever resource your team wants to share with the person they’re talking with is instantly available to send; via email and text, or to share on social media.

With just a single action, your company can stay in touch with potential customers long-term, through personalized email campaigns. The App is loaded with automated email campaigns, pre-written for your company’s different demographics and interests: Product Lines, Business Opportunities, Training Videos, you decide! RapidFunnel automatically sends the chosen campaign, inviting the potential customer to view relevant resources, which professionally expose them to your company. The short, friendly emails are personalized to come directly from the sender, in a conversational style that anyone could have written.

Have a sales team? RapidFunnel sends a notification once contacts have viewed the information sent to them. Your salespeople will instantly know who the most interested leads are and can focus their time on them first, for the easiest follow up ever.

Love analytics? Which of your videos are watched the most? How are people engaging with your resources? What creates action, or gets ignored? RapidFunnel’s back office analytics give you visible answers. Here you’ll find important information like open rates, click rates, video viewing times, and a multitude of other valuable stats that show the efficacy of your resources and campaigns. Company administrators can easily hone in on what’s working, or lagging, and refine the content to deliver the best possible performance.

So... why would your people want to get involved? Redirecting a small amount of your marketing budget towards incentives and rewards allows people to earn some extras, while increasing overall involvement, team camaraderie through friendly competition and ultimately, sales!

RapidFunnel turns your people into revenue generating machines!

The beautiful thing is that your team always has great information to share instantly, anywhere they go! People are very attached to their smartphones. If you forgot your mobile at home, would you turn around and go get it? If you said yes, you’re far from alone - there are more than 243 million smartphone users in North America alone. Of those surveyed, 30% say they would always go back to get their phone and 40% would return for their phone, if they remembered within 10-20 minutes of leaving.

The RapidFunnel App leverages this love of connectivity and explodes growth for your organization. The gamification features and incentives make it fun to use, and people see their progress towards a reward, right on their App. Why not give your people everything they need to get more involved in the company’s success, literally at their fingertips...

There’s no question that making sharing about your company simple and fun for the whole team will lead to increased promotional activity and the success that comes with it.

RapidFunnel’s ease of use, resource sharing tools, built in tracking features, gamification incentives and real-time back-office data mining tools make this the perfect App for network marketing companies, businesses and franchises alike.

There’s nothing else like it and we’re growing fast, with tens of thousands of current users and counting.

And, what do those current users have to say about the App? We’ve received countless testimonials from people who are enjoying more success than ever before, since putting the RapidFunnel App to work for their business. People love using this App and we love hearing how it helps them, every day. Our 4.8 out of 5 star rating from App users is something we’re proud of.

We have a variety of packages available to keep your costs low, while offering customization options for companies who really want to take it to the next level.

So please, click a link above to learn more about the specific features and benefits for your company’s vertical, then let us know when you’re ready to check out RapidFunnel for your team! We’d love to show you the impact RapidFunnel is having for our clients.

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Average User Rating

  • Gamechanger for building your business!

    - Corey M.
  • A Must Have App! This app has helped me grow my business!

    - Zipporah S
  • I love this tool. It has really been great in leveraging my time and honestly with my busy schedule I'd be lost without it.

    - Doug C
  • This app has changed the way I do business! Completely awesome and it makes me feel like a rockstar!

    - Dreamscometrue
  • Phenomenal! Excellent Execution!

    - byPlatWrld
  • Revolutionary. The entire business’ tools in an app, easy day.

    - B. Johnson
  • Intuitive and highly functional.

    - T. Thatcher
  • I love, love, love this app. Makes managing your biz so much easier… it’s wonderful.

    - M. Renee
  • Fantastic tool! Really easy to use and versatile.

    - Dekemon