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Great customers are often hard to come by and
finding them can be expensive.
Until now.


For Businesses

RapidFunnel gives businesses a simple way to engage all their employees in the process of finding their best customers. Let your employees put their passion for your business into action with the simple-to-use RapidFunnel App. Take that passion to the next level when you redirect your marketing revenues into rewards that incentivize your employees.


For Direct Sales

In Direct Selling, increasing exposures and managing follow-ups are of the utmost importance. If your company’s story gets shared properly and more often, the company grows and your associates taste success. The RapidFunnel app is a revolutionary way to simplify this process. Exposures, follow-up, tracking, recognition, onboarding and more…it’s all built into the platform and it’s proven to work. Let us show you how we can simply, affordably and immediately explode sales and recruiting in your organization


For Franchises

Everyone in a franchise can be involved in spreading the good word, not just those who are directly engaged in sales or marketing. If you have employees who believe in what you do, then let them share your best offers. Help your franchisees build a customer base by rewarding their employees for telling the story even when they are not at work. Let us show you how!