Product Release Update 6/11/2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – “Admin” has been changed to “Account Admin” throughout the application and new Role “Account Supervisor” has been added

  • Account Admin has the highest privileges
  • Account Manager has same privileges as Account Admin except:
  1. Account Manager cannot see other users’ contacts
  2. Account Manager cannot send broadcast to other users’ contacts
  3. Account Manager can only view Company Events and Coaching(cannot create or edit)
  4. Can view Branding page, but cannot edit
  • Account Supervisor has same privileges as Account Manager except can only view “Statistics” under “Account Settings”

2) FEATURE UPDATE – While waiting for webinar during countdown, contact can now click a button on the screen to add webinar to their calendar, so they can be reminded when it’s about to start

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Translations for default push notifications have been added for the following notifications:

  • call request
  • contact form submit
  • teammate request/response
  • 3 way call request/response

4) FEATURE UPDATE – Additional RepIDs have been added that can be enabled by account

5) BUG FIX – User Campaign Emails – Password is now being sent out in the body of the email when [password] placeholder has been used. (edited) 

6) BUG FIX – Importing contacts no longer leaves out the contact’s phone number in mobile apps v5.0.2. (edited) 

7) FEATURE UPDATE – Account Manager and Account Supervisor types of roles are now able to send Contest “Winner” broadcasts under Broadcast module. (edited) 

8 ) FEATURE UPDATE – When RF Partner creates a new user via API,  the status of a User(Standard or Premium) can now be set during creation and can also be changed after creation if needed (edited) 

9) BUG FIX – Delete icon is no longer missing in Reminder modal

10) BUG FIX – Dividers are now showing in correct order for all Page resources, where order in page builder is the same as the order when contact opens the resource (edited) 

11) BUG FIX – Score points are now updating correctly when star rating is added (edited) 

12) FEATURE UPDATE – Message that shows when user tries to log into mobile app with unrecognized email has been updated in RF app and Custom apps

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