Creating Your Email Campaign


RapidFunnel’s email campaigns are all about staying in touch long term, with a single, initial action. These campaigns are intended to be used as a warm market tool.
Providing interesting resources that offer value for the prospects viewing them, builds trust and confidence in both the individual relationship and your organization, long-term.
Your team member makes a personal connection first, finding out where the prospect’s interests lie and perhaps sending several resources via text or social first. Then if they cannot help the prospect move to a decision, then they’d ask for permission to keep in touch with them via email.

When the prospect says “yes”, they can be added to the email campaign that best suits their established interests. Your team should immediately ask prospects to check their inbox for the email opt-in, then they’re off and running!
Remember this is a strategy for the long game. Lots of people are the right people, but it might be the wrong time. Sooner or later a simple, personal email will hit the mark. When it does, the App will notify your team member and let them know exactly what was clicked on and how much video was viewed, making follow up simple.
We recommend one resource link per email.


Keep them short, friendly and either hint at or say just enough so that people are curious to view the resource linked in your email. Don’t try to explain the content, let the resource do its job. These aren’t sales letters, they’re personal emails. The objective is for the receiver to appreciate that you took the time to drop them a quick note. That’s it, and the big bonus is that the content grabs their attention at the right time.
While writing, it’s especially important to remember that they need to be created so that they could have been written by anyone in your organization. The emails must strike a fine line between personal feeling and generic application.
Adding some brand “flavor” is okay (business casual, an educational tone, surf culture laid-back, etc.), but don’t make it sales-y. Remember: these are short, friendly messages that share a resource (video, audio, PDF, ect.) of value to a prospect who is interested in your product or service.

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