4 How-To Strategies For Writing A Survey


Question ordering: Your questions should appear in an order that makes sense. Begin surveys with questions that are easy to answer (not overly personal) and keep related questions together. Make sure that the order isn’t introducing bias into your survey. Ideally, the survey will flow right into a sizzle video that answers some of these questions.

Question phrasing: Survey questions should be simple and have a “what do you think?” feeling, to approach the prospect in a meaningful personal conversation. Clarify anything that might be vague or confusing, and try to strike a balance between sounding approachable (to make sure people understand you and feel comfortable) and sounding formal (to make sure people take the survey seriously)!

Question type: Avoid using questions that can be answered by yes/no since they usually don’t provide enough insightful information. Instead, use statistics or questions that feel like they are data-driven.

Question topic: Ask stimulating questions. Use discovery questions to focus on the “what”, identify existing needs, problems, prospect’s pain points, prospect’s goals. Or ask thought-provoking questions that challenge the prospect’s preconceptions and change how they think about a topic.

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