How to Find Your Business Coaching Niche (and Why It Matters)

Finding a coaching niche is your ticket to a roster of clients who are craving exactly what you can teach.

When you’re craving fresh pasta with mountains of cheese and sauce, bursting with fresh tomatoes and garlic – where do you go?

You go to the Italian restaurant where the owners have perfected their specialty – not the mall food court with “something for everyone.”

And chances are, you’ll have to wait for a table!

Business coaches create this kind of demand by niching down. And it’s easier than you might think to find your ideal coaching niche.

If you’ve discovered (after a lot of trial and error) how to create and grow a successful business – there are probably others trying to do the exact same thing.

They are craving a blueprint for success in your industry.

Read on for tips about how to discover your one-of-a-kind coaching niche.

Start With the Vertical You Know Best (Even If It Seems Too Niche)

Choosing a coaching niche goes beyond broad categorization, like small business coaching or sales coaching.

It means teaching something so specific that you may be one of only a handful of coaches, trainers, or consultants who can teach what you do – you may even be the only one!

You’ll have the most credibility and success if you teach what you know from first-hand experience. So, how did you arrive at this point with the knowledge and desire to help other business owners succeed?

Chances are, it was some personal success in starting and growing a business – learning some hard lessons and becoming passionate about helping others do the same.

Start there.

If you’ve successfully launched and grown a business before deciding to start a coaching business, that’s your golden ticket to finding a niche. 

You might think the businesses you’ve been involved with in the past are too niche. But the coaches, trainers, and consultants selling lucrative monthly coaching subscriptions through the RapidFunnel App show us every day that niching down works. 

It’s also important to remember that specialists don’t need as many clients to scale a coaching business. They can charge higher coaching prices – because they get premium results.

Almost any vertical will have potential clients looking for help (more on how to assess the potential of your niche later).

Did you:

  • Run a successful daycare for many years?
  • Open a thriving flower shop?
  • Or kick off a successful roofing business?


There are people who want to know how they can do that.

As a specialty coach, you can fast-track success for these entrepreneurs. They can use your methods and training to save years of researching, stressing, and learning from mistakes. 

That’s worth a premium to business owners, especially when you can back it up with a proven track record of success within your vertical.

You know the exact steps to take, the right things to say, and what resources your clients should share with prospects to close sales and grow a business in your niche.

High-end coaching clients are looking for value – proven processes they can implement in their business immediately and get tangible results.

One more reason to look at your personal success for niche ideas is that coaching is most rewarding when you can teach what you love. 

What motivates you to wake up every day and hit the ground running? What made you start your business in the first place? What do you enjoy most about your business vertical that you want to pass along to others? 

If you love your work, helping others succeed is going to feel as great as finding your own business success.

Find the Biggest Challenge You Can Help Your Clients With

coach helping their clients

Your potential clients need more than just encouragement and cheerleading. They need specific help with different aspects of the business.

One of the ways you can further define your niche is to identify those factors. Then, you can develop coaching packages that include all the training materials, templates, and repeatable processes your clients need to be successful.

Think about the biggest challenges you faced when you first started. Was it marketing? Prospecting clients? Closing your “execution gap” (taking action on ideas you learned from books or courses)?

Talk to people in the vertical you’re considering to find out what challenges they’re struggling with every day.

Ask yourself what resources your clients will need, in order to follow your proven steps:

  • Can you offer materials that could help them prospect and sell more effectively? 
  • Do your clients need a process for generating leads?
  • Could they implement more effective scripts for sales calls, email campaign templates, or social media posts?
  • How are they staying connected with their clients? 
  • Do they need help understanding and navigating the new (rapidly changing) world of digital marketing? 

Often, these are the types of tasks that business owners enjoy the least – and they’re too busy in the trenches of running a business to spend time figuring out how to grow.

When you build coaching packages to address these specific challenges, it’s a game-changer that can help you massively scale your coaching business. 

The right technology, like the RapidFunnel App, allows you to package this step-by-step guidance so your clients can replicate your success without having to reinvent the wheel, using our Authentic Sharing Technology (AST).

At the same time, it helps you scale your business by building monthly recurring revenue, without the need to recreate content or email a bunch of materials and links to every new client you sign on. They simply download your App and get started.

Analyze Your Competition (Beyond Other Coaches)

When you started in your business vertical, you:

  • researched the competition to find out if there was enough need for your business, and
  • figured out what you could offer that set you apart from the competition

Starting a niche coaching business is no different. 

Before beginning, find out if other coaches are already doing what you do. If so, you know there is a demand for coaches in your niche.

Can you niche down even more and still have enough clients to make it worth your while?

Start with a Google search using keywords for your specialized niche, and see what comes up first. You may have to get very specific. Ask yourself, what would someone who is looking for help in your area of expertise type into Google? 

Keep in mind that specialty/niche coaches can charge more and that means you may not need as many clients. Depending on your pricing plan, you may be able to work with fewer clients who purchase coaching plans for several months to a year at a time. 

Don’t just look for other coaches, trainers, and consultants in your niche. There may not be any in a small niche – but that doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t looking for help (and willing to pay for it). 

Check to see if there are books, websites, courses, and community forums for business owners in your chosen niche. Ask yourself if there are enough people looking for support in the vertical you chose, even if they don’t know coaching is an option yet.

Once you’ve done the research and (hopefully) discovered there are people looking to start businesses in your area of expertise, you can create content that makes it possible for them to overcome their biggest challenges.

Create a Subscription That Solves Your Clients’ Biggest Challenges

coach creating a subscription package

This is where it all comes together – building a coaching subscription within your niche vertical to overcome your clients’ biggest challenges.

Offering your clients a subscription to your coaching services, training materials, and business-building resources gives them, and you, several advantages.

A one-on-one coaching business is limited by hours in the day and your hourly fees – many coaches run into that wall before finding better ways to scale their revenue. 

Meanwhile, your clients are working day and night to grow their own businesses – they need the ability to execute your processes successfully. They need to integrate your methods into their daily activities as they market themselves, generate leads, and follow up to close sales.

Subscription and membership models of remote coaching are a good first step. But when you offer your subscription to clients through an App that also contains all the resources and digital tools they need to grow their business – it’s like a coaching subscription on steroids.

This type of subscription frees niche business coaches from mundane activities that don’t scale! And for your clients, it’s like a “yellow brick road” they can follow to success.

RapidFunnel App

The RapidFunnel App allows you to sell monthly or yearly subscriptions to your own branded, personalized App, helping more clients grow their businesses using your proven method for success.

The App contains a Resource Library where you can add all your best customer-facing sales content – designed by you – that your clients can use to build their own business.

With your branded version of the RapidFunnel App, you can offer a variety of ways for clients to overcome their challenges, such as:

  • Sales content organized to follow your proven processes
  • Videos that educate your clients’ prospects
  • Lead Capture Pages, personalized to your client
  • A Digital Business Card with trackable links
  • Prewritten email campaigns, texts, and push notifications
  • Follow-up sales materials (such as referral forms)
  • Event and webinar invitations
  • Surveys
  • Your coaching and training modules
  • And nearly anything else you want to add!

You can still meet with clients one-on-one; if that’s your model. If you’re like most coaches, connecting with clients and watching them succeed is the most rewarding aspect of the job!

But there are more scalable ways to get that interaction – like webinars, mastermind groups, and private forums where you can offer guidance and support.

The App is designed to FREE you from endless content creation, client meetings and calls, with everything your clients need in an easy-to-use platform that helps them build their business professionally from anywhere.

Test, Adjust, and Scale

As you develop your coaching niche, you’ll discover your clients’ unique needs as well as what they have in common, and what they need most from you. 

In the beginning, you may want to offer a sampling of content to see what works best with your clients and adjust based on their feedback.

Once you have a winning strategy that works, you can easily grow your coaching business with the RapidFunnel App.

Being able to scale your business means you’ll be able to take on more clients and increase your monthly revenue, without working longer hours.

If you’re worried that having a niche will make it harder to find clients, don’t forget that people are looking for your expertise

What you do is unique and puts you in a fantastic position to target your exact audience and help them succeed, while growing your own coaching business.

Take the next step. Explore the RapidFunnel App to learn more about how we help niche coaches connect with clients and grow their businesses.

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